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FORSAMEA excels in maximizing business potential across the Middle East and North Africa. We unite entrepreneurs, experts, and investors to cultivate innovative opportunities, aligning with regional priorities in key sectors.


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Cultivating Opportunities: FORSAMEA’s Expertise Unleashed At FORSAMEA, we unite visionary entrepreneurs, industry experts, and intelligent investors to cultivate, nurture, and elevate innovative business prospects. Geographically, our focus extends to the regions of the Middle East and North Africa. we align our goals with the regional priorities, focusing mainly on the following sectors :



We believe that the strongest antidote to uncertainty is transparency. With enough uncertainty in today’s global business environment, maintaining the highest levels of transparency is critical to our success.


We explore the globe looking for original solutions to real problems, by credible collaborators with proven track records.


We value the quality of our partners over quantity. Our aim is to grow with businesses that we are passionate about as opposed to focusing on the transactional value and number of deals closed.


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